Thursday, October 29, 2015

Artist Statement

     There has always been inside me an appreciation of the landscapes that surround me, which I would suppose, comes from being taught to respect the land, and also its Creator.  Along with this appreciation and respect there added is a deep admiration for the beauty that I have experienced in the deserts and mountains of the western United States, and along the banks of rivers and bays of Alabama, as well as the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and most recently here in Okaloosa County, Florida.  I feel compelled to record the places where I have found solace, and if I can share this with others in hopes that they too will experience the peace and serenity that is there.  It is a way of passing on to others the blessings given to me, also a way of expressing my gratitude and paying homage to the Creator for these blessings.
      Working with the oil medium gives me the ability to mix the rich greens of spring, or the variety of yellows and oranges of fall, along with the ever-changing blues of the sky dependent on the terrain below it.  Being able to observe and analyze my subject matter and methodically mix a little of the sap green with some ultramarine blue, along with some raw umber and dioxide purple to get the rich black that is seen in the shadows of trees or rocks is fascinating.  All the while creating a composition that will take my viewer’s eye on a journey that is pleasant, and leaves them with a since of peace and a smile.